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My Friends My Pack T-shirt
Teen Wolf Scott McCall Scene Quote
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Our awesome “My Friends, My Pack” tee is dedicated to one of the final and most incredibly memorable quotes on Teen Wolf! When Scott McCall talks to Alec, his newest beta werewolf, about joining his pack to fight Monroe and the rest of the supernatural hunters, Scott tells Alec that “some people” are on their way to help. In a powerful moment, Stiles, Lydia, Derek, Malia, and Liam all drive up to meet Scott and Alec. Alec looks at all the new faces and asks Scott, “Who are they?” Scott looks around, smiles at them, then says, “My friends. My pack.”

This quote and final scene perfectly encompass everything Teen Wolf is about! The heart of the show has always been about the emotional tether between these friends who are there for each other, no matter what. Scott’s pack is everything a pack should be. Every time you style this beautiful design (featuring Scott’s pack symbol) on the super soft Heather Navy t-shirt, you will represent your love for Teen Wolf and the power behind the unforgettable show!

This tee is 100% ringspun cotton, unisex, and runs true to size.

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